Origami Box Tutorial

Origami Box Tutorial

This is my favorite go to easy box when I need one for something small fast.  Follow the video steps below.

You will need 2 pieces of paper.  I recommend card stock. You will cut the card stock to squares that are 8″ & the other piece to 8-1/2″.  You can make any size box. You will just need to size the paper up accordingly.


You will cut the card stock to squares that are 8″ and the other piece to 8-1/2″.

Then Fold the paper in half both ways.

Then fold each corner into the center.

Fold all four corners into the center.

Then Fold the side up to the center, do both sides this way.

Then Unfold and start forming your box.

Fold the sides in and then the ends up

Then you will fold the end up and over creating a sort of lock. You can put tape or glue here if you want to.

Then do the same to the other end of the box.

Complete the steps again for the other piece of the box. Or use the box as a lil dish.

The pieces fit nicely together

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. You can decorate the box.


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