About Alicia


Alicia Hanson is an environmental graphic designer by training, best cialis jewelry designer, and creator by heart. She comes from a family prolific in art and design.  Alicia has always been enamored with classic cars.  From watching sparks fly as her dad welded on projects, to road trips seeking out the next car project.  Alicia has owned classic Chevy’s and Volkswagons. She is comfortable pulling parts in a junkyard or being all dolled up at a car show.  Themes of vintage cars, vintage tropical floral, vintage exotica, Hawaiiana and Asian art can be found throughout her work.  As a young adult, Alicia spent time in rural mountain towns on the west coast.  Driving dusty, dirt back-roads to explore turquoise and crystal mines, while collecting antlers and shiny silver objects along the way.

Alicia met her husband Brad Johnson, a  fellow artist, traveler and maker, as their personalities, lifestyles and souls melded and forged. Brad and Alicia fused a union in which the process of designing and creating jewelry together proved to be a natural expression. Participating together in the alchemy and transformation that metals express when they are exposed to various elements is fascinating and awe-inspiring and they found themselves hooked.  Together the two traveled by car and ferry, to learn silversmithing and the art of Lost Wax Casting at Pratt Fine Art in Seattle, WA. Their love affair with old cars continues.

Alicia and Brad now reside in the small island town of Honomu located at the gateway of Akaka Falls, on the Hilo side of the Big Island Hawaii. All of these botanically inspired originals are created using the lost wax casting method. SilverBotanica’s Designer | Owner, Alicia Hanson, resides in Honomu and travels to tropical locations across the globe, where she continues to be inspired and create new designs.  Alicia & her husband, Brad Johnson cast each original creation in their artisan studio.  The Artisan studio has a brick & mortar location and store that is open daily 12-6 pm. And visitors are welcome to tour the studio and learn first hand the process of lost wax casting and silversmithing. Silversmithing & Lost Wax Casting Classes  and Workshops are Available. Together artist’s Brad & Alicia spend countless hours sketching, carving, soldering, organic gardening, tending to kid-ohs, cooking for friends, scouring thrift shops and venturing on road trips, documenting with thousands of photos along the way, all apart of their journey and creation process. Alicia and Brad are also the founders of Hi Octane Jewelry, check out their Revvv’d of line of hot rod jewelry inspired by their love affair with old cars.