Fabulous Garden from It’s Complicated

Fabulous Garden from It's Complicated

I recently went and saw It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. There is a particular scene where they are sort of dancing around in conversation in the garden and I was soaking the wonderful space in.

I just love the look of the garden. I could have sworn their were white rose bushes around the outside but I am not seeing them in these images. I found these wonderful images from a posting about the garden on the blog Remodelista.

I also found one more image on the Balitmore Sun web site.

My neighbor Holly is going to get super inspired when she sees these images. She just loves her Garden. I am hoping to expand my garden this year.

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! They are beautiful! Damn! Now I'm not going to get any sleep cuz I'm in crazy garden mode!

  2. Oh my word!!! I'm crazy about this!! I'm building a garden right now and was looking for some inspiration like this!! Thanks!!!

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