Skate-able Street Furniture

Skate-able Street Furniture

I was perusing a trend email I get and saw this article on a Industrial Design web site about furniture that is built to be skateboarded on. Jurjen Semeijn, viagra generic patient designed these pieces for Dutch Design Week 2009. Well this rang a bell in my world. My son Nolan had a ramp in his living room for awhile and we have big half pipe in our backyard

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. Skateable furniture would definitely fit in my world. I think some pieces like these would be great at local parks or street scapes here in SoCal. This concepts embraces that skaters are going to skate it instead of putting skate stoppers all over things, make it Skate-able street art. I love the concrete sofa above, hope we see more of this.

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  1. Oh, this is so interesting. I have a lot of friends who are skateboarders and would love a little flair in their skate parks…or maybe that is just me. Regardless, I love the concept.

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