Silver Cicada Ring

Silver Cicada Ring

Silver Cicada Ring

Silver Cicada Ring To Reach Enlightenment. This handmade ring is created using the lost wax casting method. We carve the piece in wax and then cast it in sterling. The cicada measures 2"L and 7/8"w at legs. The Ring is size 7, we can make any size. Made to order, allow a couple days.

"Priest of Tang was named the Golden Cicada; in this context the multiple shedding of shell of the cicada symbolizes the many stages of transformation required of a person before all illusions have been broken and one reaches enlightenment."

Ring comes packaged in a Metal Tin.

Ring is solid sterling so over time it can tarnish. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the ring.

This gorgeous piece is stunning on, and has been known to bring the song of summer quickly. I wear this ring everyday and the large size is very comfortable and does not get in the way.

Please see my cicada necklace.

We are happy to do custom pieces as well.

Price: $138.00
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